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Attract Nature’s Fairest Feathered Friend – Hummingbirds

Attract Nature’s Fairest Feathered Friend – Hummingbirds

If you’re adding to your garden, why not include plants that will specifically attract one of nature’s smallest miracles; the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird? This tiny, busy bird is iridescent, has a needle like bill for sipping nectar, and can fly in any direction.

  • A hummingbird’s main source of food is nectar. They will be attracted to any coloured flower that holds nectar.
  • They prefer red, pink, orange, and purple flowers that have tubular, funnel, or bell-shaped blossoms.
  • Hummingbirds also consume aphids, spiders, and other small insects.
  • Encourage Hummingbird visitations to your property by providing two things.
    1. Plant a succession of flowering material that will provide nectar from spring through fall.
    2. Provide fresh water in a shallow dish or birdbath if you don’t already have a water feature.

Plants That Attract Hummingbirds

  • Spring-blooming plants:
    • Fruit Trees
    • Horse-chestnut
    • Crab Apple
    • Lilac
    • Flowering Quince
    • Azaleas
    • Weigela
    • Columbine
    • Foxglove
  • In summer, plant annuals like:
    • Fuchsia
    • Salvia
    • Nasturtium
    • Morning Glory
    • Petunia
    • Snapdragon
    • Cleome
    • Zinnia
  • Perennials:
    • Penstemon
    • Bee Balm
    • Phlox
    • Bell Flower
    • Red-Hot Poker Plant
    • Cardinal Flower
    • Hollyhock
    • Lavender
    • Liatris


  • Favourite vines include Honeysuckle and Trumpet Vine.
  • In late summer, Hummingbirds enjoy Butterflybush, Rose-of-Sharon, Gladioli, and all your flowering annuals.

Hummingbird Feeders

  • Place Hummingbird feeders near the flowers you wish to attract them to and/or near windows or a porch where you can view these minute aviators close up.
  • To make your own Hummingbird nectar mix 4 parts water with 1 part white sugar, boil for 2 minutes, and cool. Refrigerate whatever you don’t immediately use. Or just add water to a commercial Hummingbird food mix. Calcium is valued by Hummingbirds to lay strong-shelled eggs that’ll better protect their young. The nectar concentrates we sell at Cole’s are also fortified with calcium and vitamins.
  • DO NOT use honey or artificial sweeteners in homemade nectar. These will cause a fungus to form on the Hummingbird’s tongue.
  • Clean your feeder thoroughly every 2 to 3 days in hot weather and refill with fresh sugar-water. The build-up of bacteria can be detrimental to Hummingbirds.

Attract other nectar feeders: Orioles and Butterflies.