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Cole’s takes pride in the quality and QUANTITY of perennials we stock! With over a thousand varieties we have Niagara’s largest selection, so you’re sure to find just the right plant to suit every gardening need. Brighten up a shady corner with colorful Hostas or shade loving grasses! Or, dress up a dry border with contrasting Sedum and Heucheras and fill your beds with long flowering Echinacea, Gaura and perennial Geraniums.We also carry a great selection of ground covers to fill out those larger areas. Consider some evergreen periwinkle, ivy or pachysandra for those difficult spots under trees.

Ornamental grasses continue to be popular as a textured backdrop, or as a stand alone. Try a tall Miscanthus with their fall and winter plumes, reed grasses, popular in massed plantings for their rigid habit, and bright red blood grass to add a touch of colour. Grasses can also be grown in containers to create living screens around a sitting area or as a focal point in a mixed planter.

Our staff in our perennial department has the knowledge and experience to ensure you are putting the right plant in the right spot. Need help designing your perennial garden? Our Cole’s Coaching program might be the right fit for you. Our coach will come to your home and provide you a shopping list, rough hand sketch, and incredible ideas to make the garden of your dreams.