Soil & Fertilizer

Soils, Mulches, and Decorative Stone

At Cole’s we carry a very wide range of soil to fit the needs of your individual project. Whether you are looking for a basic top soil, certified triple mix, compost or potting soil, we have what you need to make your garden project a success.

At Cole’s we sell our soil in 25-40 Liter bags. This is a convenient size for all our customers to carry making it easy to take home and use when you get home. At Cole’s we believe in selling our soil in this size to guarantee quality.

Cole’s is also your source for all your decorative garden needs, as we carry a great selection of mulch bark nuggets and decorative stone.

Not sure how much soil or mulch you need? Our friendly staff is always available to help you! And please do not be fooled by “gimmick” super sacs of soils or mulch! They are often portrayed as a cheaper alternative but they are often a more expensive option.

Lawn Care

Has your lawn seen better days? Do you find yourself saying I wish our lawn looked as good as The Smith’s down the street? Not sure what to apply to your lawn now that we have no pesticides? Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a lawn care company?

If you have asked yourself any one of these questions, then you have finally found the garden centre with the answers! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with any problems you might have. We have the products to make your lawn look great without breaking the bank.  Visit us for problems with bare spots, dog spots, grubs, leather jackets, weeds, salt damage, and any other lawn care problem you might have.

Be sure to take advantage of our Lawn Fertilizer Program/sale in the spring each year. Cole’s offers a do it yourself, step by step lawn fertilizing program that will fertilize your lawn and keep your lawn green and free of weeds all year.