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Herbs: Annual to Perennial & Ornamental

Herbs: Annual to Perennial & Ornamental

Pondering which herbs pair best with your foodie lifestyle? Consider,

• Which herbs do you like to cook with?

• How big do they grow and what’s your available growing space?

• Do you aim to attract Butterflies and Honey Bees? Lavender, Thyme, Sage, Borage, and Marjoram are great at this!

• Annual, Biennial, or Perennial? Or are Ornamental Herb what you have on your mind? Here’s the famous names to get you started:

Annual Herbs

• Dill

Sweet Marjoram



Summer Savory



Basil – comes in several varieties but is sensitive to cool temperatures, not just frost, and cold winds so plant out the first week of June to avoid injury.

Sweet and Lettuce-Leaf – are by far the most popular for cooking.

Bush Basil – is a small, compact form with tiny leaves.

Cinnamon and Lemon – both have a distinct fragrance and flavour.

Biennial Herbs

These herbs have a life cycle of 2 years, produce flowers and seeds in the second year and then die off.



Learn how to Grow, Harvest & Keep Herbs

Perennial Herbs

This long-lived group includes:






Lemon Balm

Winter Savory

sage with water droplets

French Tarragon


Mint – is notoriously invasive and needs serious containment. Growing them in a large pot that can be left out year-round is the safest solution.

Ornamental Herbs

These herbs have particularly attractive foliage or flowers and can be used in mixed or perennial borders.

Bronze Fennel grows 90 cm -180 cm (3′ – 6′) tall and has outstanding feathery leaves that start out dark purple and turn to metallic bronze.

Golden, Purple, and Tri-colour Sage have beautiful variegated foliage and a compact form.

Lemon and Silver Thyme have tiny gold and green and white and green leaves respectively.

Creeping and Woolly Thyme are very low and grow well between flagstones. They flower exquisitely and, when walked on, release a fresh scent.

Purple Ruffles Basil has dark purple leaves with a crinkly texture. It makes a bold edging plant.

Pineapple Sage has an intense scarlet bloom that appear in the fall

Garlic Chives have perfect round, white flowers on long thin stems in late summer.

Lavender has terrific, mauve, purple, or deep blue fragrant blossoms that last over a long period. It can be planted individually, as a mass, or as a low hedge.