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TLC Your Houseplants Need

TLC Your Houseplants Need

Adding plants to your home will beautify any interior and increase the amount of oxygen in a room. Some plants are known to actually purify the air according to studies done by NASA. The Peace Lily, Sansevieria, Chinese Evergreen, Heartleaf Philodendron, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos, English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, and Dracaena Marginata are examples of plants that fight indoor air pollution.


• Before purchasing a houseplant, evaluate the lighting conditions of your home as each plant has its own specifications.

• The south and west exposures are the brightest but the further you go back from the windows, the more the light diminishes.

• East windows are bright all morning.

• North windows have low light most of the day.

Visit our Garden Centre to see the wide variety of tropical plants. They are tagged for high, medium, and low light.


• Watering is the major cause of death in plants.

Spider Plant houseplant

• When plants are overwatered, the leaves turn yellow and the roots rot.

• Get to know your plants well and their individual requirements. Do not just automatically water all your plants once a week. For example, a small pot in a warm, sunny window dries out faster than a tropical in a 30 cm (12″) container.

• To determine if a plant needs water feel the top of the soil first. If it’s the slightest bit cool and damp, don’t water. Wait until the soil is room temperature, dry to the touch, and paler in colour or the leaves just start to droop.

• Purchase a Moisture Meter at our Garden Centre that will accurately gauge moisture.

• Water to the point where it comes out the drainage holes at the bottom and empty the excess that collects in the saucer after a half hour. Do not let your plants sit in water.

• Invest in a mister bottle to mist the foliage of your plants regularly. Many houseplants originate in the Tropics and have come from a moist greenhouse where humidity was high.


• Fertilize only from March to October when plants are actively growing with Plant Prod Water Soluble, 20-20-20.


• Tropicals need transplanting into a 2.5 cm – 5 cm (1″ – 2″) larger container when you see roots growing out the drainage hole, the plant is lifting out of the pot, or when new growth is abnormally small.

• Transferring to a new pot is best done in spring or early summer. Be sure to use Fafard Enriched Potting Mix, a lightweight potting soil for tropical plants.

Tropical Foliage Plants

• Lush, tropical houseplants come in many sizes, leaf shapes and colours. It’s easy to create a tropical paradise ranging from a tall Weeping Ficus tree to a Rex Begonia.