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Keep Finches Happy at Your Feeder

Keep Finches Happy at Your Feeder

Finches are a joy to see flock outside your window, but they can be infamous picky eaters.

Keep Finches Happy and Your Feeder Popular

  • Finches like to cling when they feed, making a perch not as necessary as simply having somewhere to grip. Tube, hopper and mesh feeders are fine choices for Finches.
  • Don’t fret if the local Finches are wary of a new feeder at first. Finches tend to take their time warming up to change. Be patient and check the seed to make sure it’s still fresh and dry.
  • Finches often flee from sharing crowded feeder space with other bird species. Discourage other species from visiting your Finch feeder:
    • Use feeders without trays. Trays collect seed dropped by the Finch, and larger birds flock to feast. Eliminate trays and let any spilt seed fall to the ground.
    • Set your Finch feeder a good distance from feeders that may attract other species.
  • A mister on your birdbath may prove popular with your local Finches.
  • Check the seed often to ensure it remains fresh and dry. Don’t just “top-up” a partially full tube feeder. An uneaten layer of seed has probably gotten moist or stale. Empty the feeder and start fresh. Completely empty and refill the feeder as a monthly routine, more often in damp climates.

You can enjoy more birds than just Finches in your garden and yard.

Feed Finches What They Like

Goldfinches, House Finches and Purple Finches like a lot of the same seeds:

  • Black Oil Sunflower
  • Hulled Sunflower (Kernels, Chips, or Hearts)
  • Nyjer Seed
  • Striped Sunflower
  • Millet (White or Red)
  • Safflower Seed

You can find a good selection of choice Finch feeds in our Garden Centre, including seed blends like the Armstrong™ Favourite Finch and Gold Standard. Find out more here!