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Bridal Bouquets

Every wedding starts with a vision…

There are so many different ways to hold (and decorate!) a wedding nowadays. It really is a decade of anything goes, which is incredibly exciting! Yet even with so many unconventional approaches, it always seems to come back around to the tradition of having a gorgeous bridal bouquet.

The first thing to consider when dreaming up your bouquet, before jumping straight into colours and types of flowers, is the overall feeling and aesthetic that you want to evoke with your wedding. This really is a fun part as it’s so abstract and instinctual. Look at photos, and note what kinds of inspiration spark your adoration.

The most traditional types of bridal bouquets are: Nosegay, Hand-tied, Cascade Bouquet, Biedermeier, Arm, Composite, or Pomander bouquet. We offer all types of wedding and bridal bouquets or flowers.

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Check our gallery to view examples of some of different bouquets available.

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