Rootham’s Gourmet

Rootham’s Gourmet

Rootham’s Gourmet Preserves began when Marilyn Rootham decided to jar the excess produce from her garden in creative and delicious ways. She started selling her inventions and people simply could not get enough. Rootham’s has since grown but continues to make exceptional, high quality:  Chutney, Jam, Jelly, Dipping Sauce, Spread, Antipasto, Marmalade and even Salsa! Their more popular products include:

Tangy Red Pepper Jelly, Blackcurrant Raspberry Spread, and Irish Style Caramel Sauce – YUM!

Cole’s has been carrying a number of Rootham’s products for a few years and we continue to hear rave reviews! Stop by and check out our Rootham’s products, if you’re lucky we may be sampling!


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