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Spring, Summer and Fall Lawn Fertilization

Spring, Summer and Fall Lawn Fertilization

To maintain your lawn’s optimum health, follow these fertilization tips:

Spring Fertilizer

  • Rake the lawn in April when it’s firm enough to walk on without leaving footprints.
  • Apply 21-6-12 Lawn Food for strong, green growth. Some of the Nitrogen (the first number in the formula) will release quickly for a rich green, carpet effect while the rest slow releases over a 6-8 week period.
  • Apply corn gluten if you had Crabgrass the previous year. It can be used up to mid-May to prevent crabgrass seed from returning.
  • When using either fertilizer, water in well immediately after application.
  • Your lawn only requires one good application of fertilizer in spring, so go with the best quality you can afford!

lush green lawn

Summer Fertilizer

  • Apply an application of 21-6-12 Lawn Fertilizer in July. This granular fertilizer is nitrogen rich and will help keep your lawn healthy and strong.
  • Follow the instructions on the bag for application in conjunction with the Lawn Fertilizer.
  • Now is the time to prepare your lawn for Grub control and European Chafer as well as other lawn insects. Apply Nematodes to your lawn according to the package directions. Nematodes will move into the root zone to control the grubs where they are feeding.
  • For the best results, apply Nematodes in July to mid-August when larvae are actively feeding near the surface.

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Fall Fertilizer

  • Apply 6-8-14 Fall Fertilizer in the autumn anytime from September to November. This is crucial for strengthening your lawn throughout the winter months.
  • Always water in well after applying.
  • The 8 in the formula is Phosphorus which strengthens the roots for winter.
  • The 14 in the formula is Potassium which builds resistance to winter injury and disease.