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You Pick, Best Roses for Your Garden

You Pick, Best Roses for Your Garden

There are  a few points to consider when choosing what variety of rose you want, including aspects such as shape, size, colour, fragrance, and how much maintenance each require. To get you started, here’s a list of common types and their facts.
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Miniature Roses

  • Blooms all summer.
  • Minimal care other than watering and fertilizing.
  • Adapt well to containers.
  • Can overwinter when protected.
  • High success rate as they aren’t grafted.

Mini roses canada garden

Floribunda Roses

Shorter and bushier than hybrid tea roses.

Single or double flowers appear in clusters on a single stem.

Hybrid Tea Roses

One perfect flower at the end of a single stem.

The blooms are not as plentiful as a Floribunda but they are larger.

Grandiflora Roses

Produces a large flower but occur in clusters like a Floribunda.

David Austin Roses

  • Fragrant.
  • Many different flower forms and sizes with modern roses (repeat bloom).
  • Important for their shrub habit that allows them to be planted in perennial and mixed borders.

No matter what roses you plant, view these tips to help your roses thrive

Climbing Roses

  • Fast growing.
  • Needs support.
  • They will add vertical height on a trellis or they can climb over an arbour, pergola, or fence.

Climbing Roses

Shrub Roses

  • Bushy, flowering shrubs.
  • Range in height from 50 cm – 250 cm (20″ – 8′).
  • Developed for hardiness, dense growth, and low maintenance.

Standard Tree & Patio Roses

A Hybrid Tea, Floribunda or Shrub Rose bush is grafted onto a tall stem to make it look like a tree. Patio roses are a shorter form.

  • Once they are joined, they are not winter hardy if the tree is left standing in the ground or in a pot.
  • To survive winter, they need to be dug up and potted. In late November, when they are containerized, move them into the garage, place them against the house wall that gives off some warmth, and water thoroughly.
  • Remove them from the garage in early April and return to the garden.
  • Shrub roses are now budded onto tall hardy Rugosa rose stems. These do not require any special winter protection.